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The Curves workout has helped women in Africa and many other countries get the results they need. The workout offers the benefits of a longer 90 minute workout, but takes just 30 minutes. The reason the workout is so effective is that it combines strength-training with sustained cardio, warm-ups, cool-downs and stretching.

Many women believe that strength-training is only for the guys. In reality, this is an essential part of any fitness plan. Lean muscle burns more kilojoules than fat, and it also gives you that "firmed and toned" look. Dieting alone can actually cause muscle loss, making it much more difficult to shift those extra kilograms. Not only does resistance training build healthy bodies; it also gives you stronger bones. Sustained cardio activity that keeps your heart in its target training zone for at least 30 minutes - is great for burning kilojoules and aerobic fitness.

Research shows that the Curves workout delivers proven results - protecting muscle, burning fat and boosting your metabolism. Clinical trials done by Curves International showed that unfit women burned 170 to 240 calories during a 30min Curves circuit workout. Fit women on the other hand burned over 500 calories. The numbers speak for themselves and women across the world can see these same results.

Curves Workout Research

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